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Social Media: Episode VI – Return of the Investment

“Obi-Wan has taught you well” Hello! Welcome back, or welcome if you’re new. Today we’ll be talking the big bucks; the return on [your] investment (ROI). This is where you see the benefit from all your hard work! The content we’ll look at for this post is Carlos Gil’s Social Media Marketing: ROI. This willContinue reading “Social Media: Episode VI – Return of the Investment”

Formula Stealing and ManTracking

(the importance of documentation and analytics in marketing) Hello hello! Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. We’ll touch on the importance of documentation and analytics in relation to social CRM. Let’s jump on into it! Documents and Analytics Process Documentation: Documents that support a process (ex. Activities, policies, etc.).This is importantContinue reading “Formula Stealing and ManTracking”

Marking Your Territory

(you don’t need to pee on a tree to make your mark!) Welcome back! If you’re new, be sure to check out my last blog post about what a CRM system is and how it can help you. Today’s content builds off it, but feel free to read all these tips first! So, today we’llContinue reading “Marking Your Territory”

Customer Relationship Management (Social Media Edition)

(aka: how to make sure your customers don’t hate you!) Howdy folks! Today we’ll be diving into the wild world of social CRM (customer relationship management). To do this, we’ll be looking at tips provided by Megan Adams on her LinkedIn Learning course Social Media Marketing: Social CRM. Let’s jump on into it! A IntroductionContinue reading “Customer Relationship Management (Social Media Edition)”

Your Network: The (Rainbow) Connection

(Get your network beyond your Facebook friends from 10+ years ago) Your network is essentially people you know. It’s good to have a large network because; like the classic saying goes, “its not about what you know, but who you know”. Additionally, if you connect with people you know, this increases the probability that theyContinue reading “Your Network: The (Rainbow) Connection”

Overcoming The “Everyone On the Internet Are Predators” Era

(AKA: how to break past your fear and use your real name online) LinkedIn! If you’re like me (a 1998 kid), you were probably part of the “everyone on the internet is a predator” generation. Due to these intensive safety measures, I found it difficult to go from anonymous to “find me and hire me”.Continue reading “Overcoming The “Everyone On the Internet Are Predators” Era”

Metrics: “Math” for Marketing

(A necessary evil; unless you like math) Metrics; a marketing student’s fear because it implies math. But alas, poor Yorick, it must be discussed! Metrics are integral to the advertising process. It’s all the data that tells you (and your boss/client!) that your ad campaign worked. Metrics means to measure and that’s all you’re doing,Continue reading “Metrics: “Math” for Marketing”

Facebook Ads; How Do They Work?

(Almost as easy as understanding magnets) You understand the basics of social media marketing, but how do these things even work? This section will cover target audience, budget, and more! Here’s the two-step process to advertising on Facebook: Step 1: Have a Facebook/social media accountStep 2: Add a payment method to the account (gotta pay forContinue reading “Facebook Ads; How Do They Work?”

How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)

(Yes, these can be used on other social media platforms if Facebook dies; RIP) What’s up, Gamers Marketers! We’re back at it again with another SparkNotes-esc. blog post. Today’s episode will be about Facebook! Now; yes, some could argue it’s a dying platform, but don’t worry! These tips can work for any social media platformContinue reading “How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)”