Formula Stealing and ManTracking

(the importance of documentation and analytics in marketing) Hello hello! Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. We’ll touch on the importance of documentation and analytics in relation to social CRM. Let’s jump on into it! Documents and Analytics Process Documentation: Documents that support a process (ex. Activities, policies, etc.).This is importantContinue reading “Formula Stealing and ManTracking”

How to Get Your Avengers to Assemble

(tips for when you applied for that management position; even though you’re unqualified, but then you got it) This section pairs management with copywriting! Here are some extra tips on how to manage this specific style of team. Your Duties: Organize the team (you’re the Nick Fury in the team) Mentor the team (be theirContinue reading “How to Get Your Avengers to Assemble”

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