How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)

(Yes, these can be used on other social media platforms if Facebook dies; RIP) What’s up, Gamers Marketers! We’re back at it again with another SparkNotes-esc. blog post. Today’s episode will be about Facebook! Now; yes, some could argue it’s a dying platform, but don’t worry! These tips can work for any social media platformContinue reading “How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)”

How To Write Marketing Copy (featuring pro tips)

(feat. the answer to “why do I need to learn this crap anyways”) Have you ever opened a document and realized you needed to spend four hours looking through paragraphs to find what you were looking for? Watching the time pass as you skim through page after page? Luckily, this is not that. Welcome toContinue reading “How To Write Marketing Copy (featuring pro tips)”

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