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Your Network: The (Rainbow) Connection

(Get your network beyond your Facebook friends from 10+ years ago) Your network is essentially people you know. It’s good to have a large network because; like the classic saying goes, “its not about what you know, but who you know”. Additionally, if you connect with people you know, this increases the probability that theyContinue reading “Your Network: The (Rainbow) Connection”

Overcoming The “Everyone On the Internet Are Predators” Era

(AKA: how to break past your fear and use your real name online) LinkedIn! If you’re like me (a 1998 kid), you were probably part of the “everyone on the internet is a predator” generation. Due to these intensive safety measures, I found it difficult to go from anonymous to “find me and hire me”.Continue reading “Overcoming The “Everyone On the Internet Are Predators” Era”