Metrics: “Math” for Marketing

(A necessary evil; unless you like math) Metrics; a marketing student’s fear because it implies math. But alas, poor Yorick, it must be discussed! Metrics are integral to the advertising process. It’s all the data that tells you (and your boss/client!) that your ad campaign worked. Metrics means to measure and that’s all you’re doing,Continue reading “Metrics: “Math” for Marketing”

Facebook Ads; How Do They Work?

(Almost as easy as understanding magnets) You understand the basics of social media marketing, but how do these things even work? This section will cover target audience, budget, and more! Here’s the two-step process to advertising on Facebook: Step 1: Have a Facebook/social media accountStep 2: Add a payment method to the account (gotta pay forContinue reading “Facebook Ads; How Do They Work?”

How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)

(Yes, these can be used on other social media platforms if Facebook dies; RIP) What’s up, Gamers Marketers! We’re back at it again with another SparkNotes-esc. blog post. Today’s episode will be about Facebook! Now; yes, some could argue it’s a dying platform, but don’t worry! These tips can work for any social media platformContinue reading “How To Advertise on Facebook (featuring pro tips)”

To Consider During Those Times You Just Can’t Do Anything

(An introspective look into student life & how to overcome the dread of not doing anything) Hi,As this is a blog written by a student for students, I feel an important part of the student life is taking breaks. Maybe you’ve read my last post about Lurie and how to write copy. He’s a professionalContinue reading “To Consider During Those Times You Just Can’t Do Anything”

How to Get Your Avengers to Assemble

(tips for when you applied for that management position; even though you’re unqualified, but then you got it) This section pairs management with copywriting! Here are some extra tips on how to manage this specific style of team. Your Duties: Organize the team (you’re the Nick Fury in the team) Mentor the team (be theirContinue reading “How to Get Your Avengers to Assemble”

Rewriting (fixing) Other People’s Copy

(how to deal with Jim when he asks you to “look over” his copy at 4:50 pm) Obviously, these are tips for when you’re asked to “look over” (edit) someone else’s copy. Keep in mind, if Jim actually asks you to do this right before home-time, subscribe and check out my post about team management!Continue reading “Rewriting (fixing) Other People’s Copy”

Giving Headlines

(the quick and dirty tips for writing headlines) Headlines are very important as they’re the first point of contact to the consumer. Here’s some tips on how to create an impact and get the reader to keep reading. Don’t be mysterious! (This isn’t YouTube clickbait. Be clear upfront so people know what you mean fromContinue reading “Giving Headlines”

The Write Stuff, Baby!

(pro tips for writing copy) This is the part when you put pen to paper and write! Summaries and tips will start from the first draft stage (yes, you should do a first draft) to the final paper. At the bottom of this post is a graphic I made that is a visual summary ofContinue reading “The Write Stuff, Baby!”

The Pre- (Copy)Writing Workout

(“be prepared” – the girl guides) Before you can even start writing, you first need to have the proper preparations in place. Michael Phelps didn’t win gold without warming up before getting in the pool! This  is the same thing except you’re Michael Phelps and you’re swimming in copy. Prep Steps: Have everything you needContinue reading “The Pre- (Copy)Writing Workout”

How To Write Marketing Copy (featuring pro tips)

(feat. the answer to “why do I need to learn this crap anyways”) Have you ever opened a document and realized you needed to spend four hours looking through paragraphs to find what you were looking for? Watching the time pass as you skim through page after page? Luckily, this is not that. Welcome toContinue reading “How To Write Marketing Copy (featuring pro tips)”

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