The Write Stuff, Baby!

(pro tips for writing copy)

This is the part when you put pen to paper and write! Summaries and tips will start from the first draft stage (yes, you should do a first draft) to the final paper. At the bottom of this post is a graphic I made that is a visual summary of the past posts for quick reference. 

Remember: you have the ideas inside of you already! You just need to pull them out!

Pro Tip: Spend 5-10 minutes doing a free-write. Write everything you think of; non-stop, until the timer us up! (Lurie, 2014)

First Draft Tips:

  • Think about the do’s and don’ts of what you’re writing about
  • Keep the style and collateral in mind
  • Have important info at an eyes glance so you don’t lose focus looking for them
  • If you’re stuck, write from the middle (content) out (intro/conclusion)!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (grammar and spelling), it’s the first draft!
  • Break up your writing into chunks so tasks are easier to manage
  • Remember the key goal of the copy

(Lurie, 2014)

General Writing Rules to Consider:

  • Address the reader directly (use you & your). According to Ian Lurie, “copy that uses this tip works 25-30% better on average” (Lurie, 2014)
  • Write for people, not for SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Sarcasm doesn’t work; don’t be subtle! (Don’t force the reader to think)
  • Tell people why they need to care

(Lurie, 2014)

Finishing a Copy:

  • Get a fresh set of eyes! (You’ve become so blinded and blurry from working on your copy for 3+ hours that you don’t know what’s good or not anymore. Get a friend, co-worker, or other to look it over).
  • Save formatting & spellcheck until the end (Get all the content 100% great first)
  • Use the active voice!
  • Don’t be needlessly fluffy with word choice (writing direct is right(ing))
  • Make things make sense (be clear) (group like-thoughts together for clear readability)
  • Avoid niche phrases/slang. (My friend Harrison lives in Texas. If he were to write a copy that says: “If it were a snake, it’ve bit me!”, the copy won’t be effective for anyone but those who knows what that phrase means).
  • Proofread with human eyes! (spellcheck and grammar checkers aren’t enough).  

(Lurie, 2014)

Quick Definitions:

Active Voice: the subject is doing the action.

“If it were a snake, it’ve bit me”:  What you would say if something you were looking for was right in front of your eyes the entire time.


Its important to write a draft so you have a general guideline about what you want to achieve. Address the reader directly. Also be direct with content. When finished, get it looked-over by someone with “fresh eyes”.  

Do you like this summary graphic? Tell me in the comments below!


 Lurie, I. (2014, May 30). Learning to Write Marketing Copy. Retrieved from

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