COVID-19 Approved Ways to Get Business Confident

(Don’t just scroll through Netflix! Do something!)

As you may have noticed, the whole world is currently under lock-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not very convenient but there are some silver linings. For example, you don’t need to wake up 4 hours early to make it to class (or the office) on time! Overall, people generally have more time in the day now. “But how does that help my career?” you say. Well, if you’re like me, you’re not 100% “business confident” yet. Interviews, meetings, networking, etc. are all things that seem spooky! But, it doesn’t have to be!

Here are some tips I’ve compiled to help grow your business confidence (from the comfort of your own home)!

One example I saw on LinkedIn

1. Join online coffee talks/zoom meetings/skype sessions/live workshops etc. As you can see, there’s lots of names this sort of content goes by. Essentially thhough, they’re live chat rooms but via voice calls/video. I’ve personally seen a few floating around LinkedIn and they could be a great way to put yourself out there!

Key benefits are:
– You don’t need to show your face. Just turn off your webcam! This may make you feel more comfortable when speaking with someone because they aren’t really looking at you.
– You might not even need to speak! Most calls/presentations ask you mute your mic upon entry to not overload the call with noise. This means, if you have a question, you can generally opt to type it. This could help build confidence in speaking with new people.
– The info! The people offering these talks are usually established professionals. Why not use their knowledge if they’re offering it up!

2. Start a blog or Twitter. Let’s be real, if you’re a student you’ve got more time than ever right now. Another thing you have is knowledge from your classes. Spend this time to build-up your online presence into something business-oriented. Show off your knowledge and maybe even network with it! This way, you’ll come out of the pandemic demanded by businesses!

Key Benefits are:
– You get your name out there. This is essentially networking with minimal interaction.
– Looks impressive on your resume. You’re essentially creating something you can point to and say “I have this expertise, hire me”. This could put your resume at the top of the pile!

3. Get some volunteer work done. Obviously #stayhome to flatten the COVID-curve, but that doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer! Money is tight for a lot of groups right now (the economy’s not great) so offering your skills is great for them and you. Check out #Volunteerwork on LinkedIn for some great resources or click the link HERE for ways to help fight COVID-19 specifically.

Key Benefits:
– Again, looks impressive on your resume.
– Helps people out! It’s just a nice thing to do.
– Networking! You’re volunteering with people who might love you so much they’ll hire you later!
– Live experience. This is real-world experience for your career path! Plus, it’s extra great for interviews as you’ll have something in the field to talk about.

The above link was provided from this post on LinkedIn!
Another approach to get your name out to volunteer

4. Participate in some interviews. These can be live with your living-mates or digitally with friends or real recruiters! Personally, I’ve seen a few recruiters offering help on LinkedIn. Check out #interviewprep or #interviewpreperations for professional help! For at-home help, lots of online sites have common interview questions recorded so why not “study for the test”?

Key Benefits:
– Gets your interview confidence up. If you practice something enough, you’ll feel confident doing it over and over again. By the time it’s the real thing, it’ll be child’s play!
– If you utilize the real recruiters on LinkedIn, this becomes networking too! They might become so impressed with your faux interview, you’ll be asked to apply for real.

5. Watch/Listen to a TED Talk. This may sound super basic but TED talks are essentially little informational lectures. It’s very experienced people talking about their area of expertise! Plus, there’s TED talks about nearly everything! Find something interesting to you (or relevant to your career) and soak up that information. Now’s the time since you’re watching YouTube or Netflix anyways!

Key Benefits:
– You get all that expertise without leaving your home. It’s overall a very low-effort way to learn.
– You don’t really need to interact with anyone. Again, its primarily self-learning and that’s not a bad thing!
– Sounds impressive. The more you listen to other people’s way of thinking, the more well-rounded you become (or at least look). In interviews, don’t be afraid to mention things you’ve learned from a TED Talk speaker. This shows you’ve learned something and have a drive for constant improvement!

I’ve watched this video like, three times and it’s so good! Would recommended for all marketers and entrepreneurs
(click the image to be taken to the video)

6. Find a hole in your resume and fill it. No longer will you be put on the spot by interviewers! Find something you’re currently bad at and educate yourself! Additionally, look up jobs you want and find requested skills you don’t have. This is a very proactive way to impress. There are many courses online for teaching like LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare. Your local library may even offer free accounts for these services!

Key Benefits:
– Looks impressive on your resume. You can add the completion of these courses to your LinkedIn account or resume!
– Again, minimal interacting with others. Self-learning is especially good if you want to go at your own pace versus the pace of a traditional class.
– Takes away a weakness and makes it a strength. This should help any interview anxieties because you have the knowledge requested!

Here are some LinkedIn Learning courses I took and their certifications!

Overall, there’s lots to do business-wise during COVID-19. Plus, a lot of these things are self-led so you can ease in. It’s important to take things at your own pace, but you still need to take it! There’s no need to sit around and do nothing productive.

Hopefully though, all my tips/suggestions will help you feel more business confident! If so, don’t forget to like this post. Plus, feel free to share with your friends if they need it! Lastly, leave a comment down below with your business-confidence tips! I’d love to hear them because I could always use the help!

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